1. he baldwin company has just purchased $40,900,000 of plant and

[removed] $4,908,000
[removed] $2,454,000
[removed] $5,453,333





The Chester Company has just issued $7,169,042 in dividends last year. The effect of this payment on the balance sheet is:
Select: 1[removed]
[removed] Liabilities will increase $7,169,042
[removed] Expenses will increase $7,169,042
[removed] Net Profit will decrease $7,169,042

Equity will decrease $7,169,042



What is the Quick Ratio of Chester?
Select: 1[removed]
[removed] 1.4%
[removed] 0.5%
[removed] 2.0%





Chester has a ROS of 0.08 (ROS = Net income/Sales). That means:
Select: 1[removed]
[removed] There is a 8% profit on each dollar of sales.
[removed] There are sales of $92 for every dollar of profit.
[removed] For every $8 of sales there is a profit of 1%.

There are sales of $8 for every dollar of profit.




Midyear on July 31st, the Digby Corporation’s balance sheet reported:

Total Liabilities of $51.432 million
Total Common Stock of $2.540 million
Cash of $4.020 million
Retained Earnings of $18.537 million. 

What were the Digby Corporation’s total assets?

Select: 1[removed]
[removed] $34.375 million
[removed] $36.915 million
[removed] $68.489 million

$72.509 million



Which mission statement best represents the Digby company?
Select: 1[removed]
[removed] Innovation meets revolution. We create value for our customers through breakthrough designs that lead to unique high-performance products.
[removed] Consistency and affordability are our goals. Our central mission is to offer dependable, low-price products that our customers can count on.
[removed] Providing value to our customers is why we get up in the morning. We accomplish this by offering products at a low price our customers can afford across a wide variety of market segments.

Lasting innovation is our motivation. We build premium products that are elegantly designed to meet the needs of a variety of market segments.




Review the Inquirer to determine Baldwin’s current strategy. How will they seek a competitive advantage? From the following list, select the top five sources of competitive advantage that Baldwin would be most likely to pursue.
Select: 5[removed]
[removed] Increase demand through TQM initiatives
[removed] Seek high automation levels
[removed] Seek high plant utilization, even if it risks occasional small stockouts
[removed] Add additional products
[removed] Reduce cost of goods through TQM initiatives
[removed] Offer attractive credit terms
[removed] Accept lower plant utilization and higher capacities to insure sufficient capacity is available to meet demand
[removed] Seek excellent product designs, high awareness, and high accessibility
[removed] Seek the lowest price in their target market while maintaining a competitive contribution margin
[removed] Reduce labor costs through training and recruitment



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