Annotated bibliography on enterprise risk management(erm) in

 Now that you have conceptualized your papers, developed a clear argument outline for your paper, conducted research on your topic and provided your annotated bibliographies, now it is time to create your final papers. 

  Comments:  You must do the “thinking through” of the paper before you simply start writing your final paper:   It was clear that many of you still struggle with the difference between presenting information and creating an argument that uses literature to substantiate the argument that YOU are making. Just because you are doing a literature review does not mean that presenting literature is sufficient. Many of students’ literature reviews read like expanded annotated bibliographies and there was no clear direction or argument embedded in the review. Speaking of transitions, many of students fail to provide the reader with sufficient transitional statements between paragraphs and sections of the paper. In many of students’ papers, it was unclear the rationale for the order of the paper and how and why it was organized in a particular way. Remember the structure and form of the paper helps with building the argument for your paper and helping the reader “follow” your logic and intention throughout the paper.  

 Here are a few details about the overall research paper.  You must reference at least two (2) peer-reviewed articles or papers that support your thesis statement and overall you need to include at least 7 resources for the whole paper.  Most of your references may be from your annotated bibliography assignment. 

Please check the attached file for Synthesizing Multiple Sources to write a literature review. If you are not sure how to identify peer reviewed papers or articles, please visit the following resources: 


Approximately 250 words