“annoying ways” reading response | English homework help

Most of our projects this semester will ask you to read different texts and then integrate these sources into your own writing. This can be challenging. How should you include a quotation in your writing? What is the best way to transition from your ideas to those another? What method of referencing your sources makes the most sense for the genre in which you are writing?

This activity is meant to help you think through how can use sources effectively in your own writing. You’ll apply these skills, starting with your Unit 1 project. 

First, read “Annoying Ways People Use Sources (Links to an external site.)” by Kyle Stedman. Then, respond to the following three prompts. The total word count for your written response should be at least 400 words.

  1. Kyle Stedman lists 6 specific annoyances. Choose 3 of them to explain in your own words. Then, describe which of these three you think would be most annoying to a reader and why.
  2. Describe your previous experiences working with sources and integrating them into your writing. Is this something you have a lot of practice with or something that you have little/no experience with? How comfortable do you feel working with different texts and then integrating them into your writing?
  3. Why do you think it is important for writers to be able to integrate different sources into their writing? How might this impact their credibility, authority, and/or persuasiveness? 
  4. Read/skim the first few pages of Chapter 23: Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing in your textbook (roughly pages 432-435). How should you decide when to quote or when to paraphrase? What connections can you make between the textbook’s advice and “Annoying Ways” (hint: you might examine page 248-249 of Stedman’s article more closely)? 


Approximately 250 words