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Answer questions from chapters 1 and 2 on page 40 (M: Management (4th Edition). By Thomas Bateman and Scott Snell and Robert Konopaske. Copyright: 2016; Publication Dte: February 20, 2015; ISBN 10: 1259678164, ISBN 13: 9781259678165).

Please follow these instructions:

NO Plagiarism!!!!! 

Your initial post must be at least 100 words for each of the two questions, 200 words total.

Your initial post must include at least 3 key terms from the chapters that have been incorporated into your answer in such a way 

as to demonstrate clear understanding of the concepts. This is 3 concepts total for both questions not 3 for each question.

BOLD the KEY CONCEPTS so that they are easily found in your post. 


Approximately 250 words