Business proposal | Management homework help


1. I am asking you for a proposal. Which type of proposal would that be?

2. Identify and define a problem that needs to be solved or an opportunity that can be taken advantage of. Use your imagination and have fun with this.  You can use actual examples from work, the country, school, even this course. What is the problem you would like to solve? In simple terms, you must show that you clearly understand the problem/situation if you are to convince the reader that you can solve it.  

3. Describe your proposed project, clearly defining the scope of what you propose to do. Or, how you will solve this problem. 

4. Indicate how your proposed solution will solve the problem and provide benefits.

(This exercise is a severely simplified example of how a proposal begins. The information in the lecture provides the full process of proposals but I want you to put yurself in a situation where a solicited proposal was presented to you.)


Approximately 250 words