Business research week 4 assignment


Weekly Assignment:

In your textbook Business Research Methods 9th edition: 

-Analyze and answer Chapter 4 Questions for review and critical thinking: 

1. List five ways that business research can contribute to effective business decision making. 

2. Define business opportunity, business problem, and symptoms. Give an example of each as it applies to a university business school. 

6. What is an experimental manipulation? A business researcher is hired by a specialty retail firm. The retailer is trying to decide what level of lighting and what temperature it should maintain in its stores to maximize sales. How can the researcher manipu-late these experimental variables within a causal design? 

Assignment must have at least 500 words and be written in APA style. Assignment must have at least 3 external references with corresponding in-text citations. All assignments must be submitted through blackboard. ***Review the grading rubric*** 


Approximately 250 words