Case study 3 | EDSP 360 – Learning and Behavior Problems | Liberty University

This Case Study assignment is designed to help you make application of course content to reading/literacy.  This case study has you focus on strategies you can use to help struggling readers.  Choose one of the attached documents to complete this assignment (Early Reading or Fluency & Word Identification) in the Reading and Study folder for week 6.  Choose any level C case to complete.  Answers the questions at the end of the case study.

You will be writing a review of 2-3 pages in current APA format, including a title page.  Be sure to consider literacy needs of struggling readers in your classroom. Provide a rationale for your diagnostic impressions using criteria from the Star Sheets, which are included in the packet, also other educational journal sources to support your answers. The goal is to present, in writing, the basis for your diagnostic impressions.

Make sure your recommendations are relevant to the case, able to be implemented, and have support from at least the chosen required documents, adding citations and reference(s) from these scholarly sources.


Approximately 250 words