Case study 4 | Computer Science homework help

read case study and answer corrosponding questions in APA format with REferences

9Q) Choose suitable sampling plans for creating multi- vari study charts. Interpret the results for positional, cyclical, and temporal variation. Apply sampling plans to examine the principal sources of variation.

Q)Differentiate correlation from causation. Calculate the correlation coefficient and linear regression. Interpret the results through statistical significance (p-value), and utilize regression models for estimation and prediction.

10Q)    Identify and differentiate statistical from practical significance. Establish appropriate sample sizes, and create tests for significance level, power, and type I and type II errors.

Q)Perform hypothesis tests to evaluate means, variances, and proportions (paired comparison t- test, F-test, analysis of variance (ANOVA), chi- square). Interpret the results.


Approximately 250 words