Case study on netflix internal factor evaluation (ife) matrix | BUSI 690 – Policy and Strategy in Global Competition | Liberty University

NOTE: Focus on question 5 and mostly on 5B of the tagged instructions

Thank you for your work.  The key to success on this assignment is to consider strategy from the perspective of the tools that have been provided in the text, as well as your reading, and experience to provide an integrated response for the future direction of the assigned company.  


Unfortunately, you did not do well meeting the goals that were established for this Case Study.  You were not able to demonstrate your understanding and application of the tools in support of a strategy (or strategies). 



·  Did you use the tools provided by Strategy Club (From the assignment instructions:  The Strategy Club has excellent templates/examples for exhibits and matrices: 

·  The SWOT Analysis is key and provides the foundation for the strategy. 

·  The SWOT Analysis Should be Measurable and Quantifiable?  Why, why, why, why, why?  Dig deeper and be sure to have comparable. 

·  You should have 10 elements found in each of the SWOT quadrantes.  Each element should be measurable and quantifiable. 

·  What does the SWOT, IFE, EFE, and Financial Analysis tell us? 

·  Did you discuss (in detail) the analysis (SWOT, IFE, EFE, and Financials) in the discussion portion of this paper? 

·  The is no information in your appendices.  Where is your SWOT, IFE, and EFE?  


Points Earned: 

·  Mission/Objectives Strategies (Max Pts – 5):  4.5 

·  New Mission Statement (Max Pts – 5):  5 

·  Existing Business Model (Max Pts – 5):  5 

·  SWOT Analysis (Max Pts – 25):  10 

·  Financial Statements and Analysis (Max Pts – 20):  15 

·  Ratio Analysis (Max Pts – 20):  17 

·  Mechanics and Format (Max Pts –


Approximately 250 words