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Case Study 1- CardioGood Fitness

CardioGood Fitness The market research team at AdRight is assigned the task to identify the profile of the typical customer for each treadmill product offered by CardioGood Fitness. The market research team decides to investigate whether there are differences across the product lines with respect to customer characteristics. The team decides to collect data on individuals who purchased a treadmill at a CardioGood Fitness retail store during the prior three months. The data are stored in the CardioGood Fitness file. The team identifies the following customer variables to study: product purchased, TM195, TM498, or TM798; gender; age, in years; education, in years; relationship status, single or partnered; annual household income ($); average number of times the customer plans to use the treadmill each week; average number of miles the customer expects to walk/run each week; and self-rated fitness on an 1-to-5 ordinal scale, where 1 is poor shape and 5 is excellent shape.

1. Create a customer profile for each CardioGood Fitness treadmill product line by developing appropriate tables and charts.

2. Write a report to be presented to the management of CardioGood Fitness detailing your findings.


Approximately 250 words