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Due date: February 12, 2016


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Problem #5:

Santa Ana River is flowing at the rate of 448 cfs with a background organic pollutant concentration of 5.2 mg/L. A Foolerton Food Factory discharges its wastewater into the river at the rate of 123 cfs with a organic pollutant concentration of 6.7 mg/L. Find the pollutant concentration at the point of mixing


Problem #6:

Santa Ana River has a flow rate of 3.00 m3/s. A pristine stream discharges into Santa Ana River at a flow rate of 0.05m3/s. To study the mixing of the stream and river, a conservative tracer is to be added to the stream. If the instrument that measure the tracer can detect a concentration of 1 mg/L, what minimum concentrations must be achieved in the stream so that 1.0 mg/L of tracer can be measured after the river and stream mix? Assume that the 1.0 mg/L of tracer is to be measured after complete mixing of the stream and the river?


Problem #7:

A sanitary landfill has available space of 16.2 ha at an average depth of 10m. Seven hundred sixty five (765 m3) cubic meters of solid waste is dumped at the site 5 days per week. This waste is compacted to twice its delivered density. Draw a mass-balance diagram and estimate the expected life of the landfill in years?


Problem #8:

A lake with a surface area of 1.13 mi2, is fed by a river with a flow rate of 1,250 ft3/s.  The flow rate in the river exiting the lake is 1,325 ft3/s.  A wastewater treatment plant discharges into the lake at the rate of 75 ft3/s.  The concentration of a conservative pollutant, A, in the plant effluent is 15.0 mg/L. The concentration of A in the influent river is 1.1 mg/L.  What is the steady state concentration of A in the lake?



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