Crju hotel rwanda video assignment

Hotel Rwanda Video Questions:


1)  When the film opens what is the feeling between Hutu and Tutsi?  Who is in the majority?  What is the justification for hatred?

2)  What kind of person does Paul initially appear to be to viewers?

3)  What event seems to precipitate the genocide? Is the political, historical context handled by the film adequately? (Was enough information given to explain why the genocide occurred?) Explain.

4)  Do you believe Paul is supporting the Tutsi genocide by buying products from one of the men of the Interahamwe militia?  Why or why not? Support your answer with facts from the movie. 

5)  Why does the UN Colonel refuse to take action or to take the hotel’s refugees?

6)  In the beginning of the film Paul makes a statement that “family is all that matters.”  Explain how he evolves from thinking only of his family to saving more than 1200 people.  What causes this change to occur?

7)  Explain the Press man’s comment to Paul about people watching the genocide on TV. What do you think needs to happen to get people to change and get involved in events like Rwanda?  Do you think people would stand by and watch today why or why not?

8)  What are Paul’s initial expectations of a Western response to Rwanda’s crisis?

9)  Why does the UN withdraw its forces and the non-Rwandan inhabitants?

10)  Explain the UN Colonel’s disturbing comments on the UN’s decision not intervene. What do you think he means when he tells Paul, “you’re not even a nigger”?

11)  At the end of the film Paul locks the doors to the Hotel. Why do you think he does this?  What do you think it symbolizes?

12)  This film does a great job at showing the best and worst of human kind.  Reflect on your own life.  Give an example of a time you took a stand for something and are proud of yourself still today.  


Approximately 250 words