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Question 1 see attachment

Question 2: List the different WiFi frequency bands and their associated names/standards. Explain how to increase WiFi coverage using different technologies and what security solutions exist to ensure confidentiality.

Question 3: Your operator has delivered you a binary software image, viewed with a hex editor, coming from a CPU you are not familiar with. She states that it was from a RISC 32-bit architecture that is commonly used in many devices. What steps would you take to identify the image? Be as specific as possible. What follow on questions would you ask to facilitate your analysis?

Question 4: see attachment

Question 5: Given the following bash script, explain what the script is doing (Hint: This is on a linux machine)

(for addr in {1..254};

do for port in {20..23} 80; 


nc -nvzw 1 10.25.0.$addr $port 2>&1; 


done) | grep ‘open’

Question 6: Given the network, an IT department needs three variable-length subnets. For the first subnets, the IT department needs 100, 75, 32 hosts, respectively. Based on the information given, compute the variable-length subnets needed to satisfy the IT department’s needs. 

Hosts Needed  | Hosts Given | Network ID | SN Mask | 1st Available IP | Last  Available IP | Broadcast IP

Question 7: Describe a corporate network infrastructure design with which you’re familiar and define the critical areas that need to be secured. What vulnerabilities exist and what are methods for mitigation? Prioritize what needs to be secured and what the potential impacts would be if not secured properly.


Approximately 250 words