Discussion 9 | Architecture and Design homework help


Read the following pages in Towards A New Architecture: (175-198)  and resp’ond to one (1) of the following prompts (A, B) in 100 – 150 words. (pg,1 starts in PDF. 24)


A.     In this section, Le Corbusier gives positive feedback as well as critiques of several architectural compositions. Select one about which he speaks positively and one that he critiques. Compare and contrast the two with regard to the author’s opinion as well as your own.     

B.     This section focuses heavily on the importance of the plan, what the plan entails and where the plan is derived from. Discuss the author’s view and approach toward the plan. Select one of the points that he makes and further analyze; do you agree or disagree with his approach and why?  

Please note the prompt you are talking about on top of the page.

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Approximately 250 words