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Do you think it is wise for a top executive to fire a manager who is bringing in big sales and profits for the company but not living up to a cultural value of “showing respect for employees”? Explain.why or why not.

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It has been my experience that no matter your position in a company respect should start at the top and trickle-down through management to the rest of the employees. Showing respect to someone’s face and then being disrespectful behind closed doors is unacceptable but I know first hand that this happens in all levels from top to bottom. Yes, I definitely think if someone that is supposed to be a leader for a team they should be fired if they are not able to make themselves aware of others being disrespectful and certainly be fired if they can not be respectful to others themselves no matter the monetary value to the company. Any business will have better employee morale if they are shown respect. There have to be consequences for peoples actions regardless of the companies turn around rate. Now back to reality…. Most big companies will, unfortunately, choose the money over respect. (Amy Root)



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