Discussion question – dot coms business plans


  1. During the early days of the Internet, most dot-coms were driven by revenues rather than profits. A large number were even driven by “hits” to their site rather than revenues. This all changed in early 2000, however, when the prices of unprofitable dot-com stocks plummeted on Wall Street. Most analysts have attributed this to a return to rationality, with investors focusing once again on fundamentals like earnings growth. 
  • Does this mean that, during the 1990s, dot-coms that focused on “hits” rather than revenues or profits had bad business plans? Explain. (Chapter13- Problem 14)

2. During the dot-com era, mergers among some brokerage houses resulted in the acquiring firm      paying a premium on the order of $100 for each of the acquired firm’s customers. 

  • Is there a business rationale for such a strategy? 
  • Do you think these circumstances are met in the brokerage business? Explain. (Chapter 13- Problem 17)

 Need at least two paragraphs for each, with analysis and reasoning, and bringing up an example for your claim, with references (at least one), and in-text citations. 


Approximately 250 words