Do you know organization theory?

1. Case Analysis  Pg. 548 

Please read the case and give 1 full paragraph on your thoughts, 6 – 8 sentences. no introduction is needed 

Students will be expected to present an end of chapter case to the class. Students should be prepared to give an overview of the case. Student will deliver their perspective on the case and give 2 thoughts or ideas that they shared or areas they disagreed on .  

2. Chapter Key Points

Students will be expected to prepare, from the assigned reading, insightful thoughts and key points. The key points should outline the chapter that is assigned to the group. my assigned reading is in chapter 13 pg 529 only The Power of Empowerment and Political processes in Organization (min 2 slides).

3. Chapter Current Event

Students will be responsible for writing one, two (2) page double spaced papers that provides an overview of a current business event or situation. Students will be required to submit the link to the article (within the document) 


Approximately 250 words