Essay topic: could work be made more satisfying and participatory?

 Length: 1200 to 1400 words Weight: 

 Instructions: Write an essay on the topic specified above. Your essay must address the following questions. 

• What are the goals and motivations for work reform, from the employer and the worker perspective?

 • What roles can management, unions and the state play in making work more satisfying and participatory?

 • Is it possible to reorganize work so that it becomes more satisfying participatory? 

• Can the goals of humanistic work-reform be reconciled with the goals of productivity and profit?

 • Which theoretical perspectives provide the most useful insights on the prospects or lack thereof, for work-reform? This  assignment gives you the opportunity to develop your own arguments and draw your own conclusions. Make certain, however, that when you present your own position, you support it with material from you own additional research. And include a full bibliography of all material consulted. For the bibliography use APA 6th edition style.

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