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  • This week we began to examine relationships between quantities. Some ways we can compare quantities are by using percentages, ratios, rates, and unit labels. In your life, there are likely many situations that require you to compare quantities, understand the meaning of those comparisons, and make decisions based on those comparisons. What is an example of a situation from your professional or personal life that requires you to compare, understand, and make decisions based on quantitative comparison? Be sure to describe the types of quantitative comparisons you had to make, what decisions you made, and why. Would your decision be different if you had the benefit of learning this week’s concepts? Why or why not?


Audrey post

In the fall I will start a new position as a testing coordinator for an elementary school. In this role I will be responsible for testing kids on quarterly tests and a yearly state test. I will have to read data comparing the number of students with the best test outcomes to the students with the worst scores and in between. It is important that I master the concepts of week 2 as I will be using percentages and ratios on a daily basis in this new role and will need to have accurate data on each student.

Brandon post


At my current job we focus on rates, rates to my job dictate how well our building is performing to other locations and how well each individual employee is performing against their peers as well. Day to day I would have to track the previous weeks rates for a group of individuals and compare to the week to date rates. By comparing these metrics I can track if those employees a moving in a positive or negative way for the current week. Understanding the comparison I can prepare a way to help those employees but also bridge to my boss what the miss was on the rates for the current week vs the previous week if we fell short on our goal. However, some barriers my interrupt the employees ability to work because of this I have to find the percentage of employees affected by those barriers and compare that percentage to the percentage unaffected and determine if the rates created were on spot or was it off due to the amount to employees affected by operational barriers.

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