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Why Foundations Fund

Every year, hundreds of billions of grant dollars are awarded. In your response, identify three types of grant money sources and summarize why foundations award grant monies. Evaluate the motivations driving grant agencies to award grants. Analyze how understanding these motivations help guide you as a grant writer.

Notes from the Professor:

We will be introduced to the variety of grant funding sources as well the missions and goals of these organizations. This first week, we will explore the two major elements: the Human Service Organization and the “Funder.” Then, we look at matching the two elements. The better the match, the more likely you will be in securing a successful grant.

· When examining the HSO for your work, consider how well developed the organization has become since its inception. This is not crowd-funding (usually based on emotion), but is a business arrangement based on financial logic. Your HSO should be well developed in its mission(s) even if not in its operation(s).

· A good business plan (and a system of tracking revenue and expenditures – accounting and accountability) for the HSO is, to me, necessary. If you do not have a clear idea of where you are going, how will you ever get there? Most funders will not accept the old “Wherever you go, there you are.” They will want something a bit more concrete. See the list on pages 4 – 6 of your text.

· The goals for the HSO should be clear. “Helping people help themselves” sounds good, but the funder to the HSO will want to know HOW that will be accomplished.

· Often, the funder has conditions attached to the funding. It may be matching money (for instance, the finder will match 1:2 for every dollar you raise by other means). It may be moralistic guidelines (such as an HSO that might be supportive of abortions will not seek funding from certain organizations).

· It is the 21st century, and the HSO should be as tech savvy as necessary, and then some. There will probably be reporting procedures back to the funder, to accrediting bodies, to governmental entities (you know, Tax Returns), and so on. Having these data readily available and “transparent” is elemental.

You might consider bundling your funding. I know, the thought of writing several grants can be intimidating, but you may not have a choice. Most organizations have more than one revenue stream, and some of those sources provide specific funding for specific parts of the organization. What part of the organizations operations are you seeking to cover with the grant you are seeking?

You also want to consider the funder’s organization. What will be the best approach to them? Should you be a bit more formal, or a bit more informal? Will they want to visit you, or do you go to them? Have they funded anything like this before? In short, research, research, research.

Discussion Forum focuses on some of the “whys” foundations might fund. What is their motivation? The first chapter of the text focuses on the proposal idea – how well does it fit with the funding foundation? 


Required Text

O’Neal-McElrath, T. (2013). Winning grants step by step: The complete workbook for planning, developing and writing successful proposals (4th ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

· Introduction: An Overview of the Grant-seeking Process

· Step 1: Developing the Proposal Idea

· Step 2: Developing Relationships with Funders

· Resource A: What is a Foundation?

· Worksheets (Links to an external siteI HAVE ATTACHED THE ABOVE BOOK!!THE FILE IS A pdf TILE GRANT

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