Group project option 2: after-tax analysis for business expansion


Module 3: Group Roles

Begin your project by reviewing the full Engineering Economics Group Project document.  After reviewing the document, work with your group to 

decide on which of the role(s) below each member will fill.  Each role must be filled, and if necessary, some members may fill more than one role. 

•Team Leader: Manages the project and submits assignments

•[Market analyst]

•[Financial analyst]

•Teamwork etc.

adding other roles the team thinks important.

Assemble and construct the following in a single Word document: 

•Title Page – Use the following format for the title: Engineering Economics Project: <subtitle of your choice> (you’ll use this title for the remainder of the project)

•Summary – One paragraph describing the challenges of this particular topic (approximately 100 words)

•Group Roles – A table that identifies which role(s) each member of your team is filling

•References – A listing in APA bibliographic format of the 10 sources you compiled 


Your Engineering Economics Group Project , in total, accounts for 30% of your course grade.  The Group Roles assignment accounts for 10% of the Group Project grade.  Review the TECH330_M3 A3_Rubric on 


Approximately 250 words