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Due: Sunday, midnight of Week 9 (15% of course grade) Overview Six Sigma projects are powerful tools for achieving breakthrough improvements. Improvement projects utilize the DMAIC methodology, while design or re-design projects use the DMADV methodology. Such projects can be undertaken for large or small initiatives. But because they require a fair bit of work in planning and engaging the team, they are usually applied in situations where a significant change effort is likely to lead to an outcome well in excess of the work put into the project. In the first two parts of your Operations Management Course Project, you have: (A) mapped and analyzedthe value stream, and (B) organized a Kaizen or Work-Out to address improvement opportunities which do not require rigorous data analysis. Now, you are ready to move forward with one or more projects that leverage the power of Six Sigma’s tools and rigorous data-driven analysis. A project charter is needed for each proposed Six Sigma project. Project charters enable management to understand, evaluate, and approve projects for launch. Instructions Use your work in Part A and Part B of your Course Project, as well as what you have learned so far in this course, to identify a potential Six Sigma project that can benefit the value stream and your organization. 1) List and describe potential Six Sigma project(s) that you would propose to senior management, recommend one project, and justifyyour selection. 2) Develop a detailed Project Charter for your recommended project. The project charter must include the following: a. Problem statement b. Goal statement or objectives c. Project scope d. Critical-to-quality requirements, or CTQs, of the processes within the scope of thisproject e. Key metric Y (or key metrics Y) f. Expected operational and financial benefits of the project g. Milestone dates for each phase of DMAIC (or DMADV) h. Project team (titles of project team leader and members) i. Champion (title of executive or senior manager) Submission Requirements Your work is to be submitted in Word. Total length should be 3-4 pages. Since this is a charter, put some thought into how best to present the material visually. Use the instructor-provided Project Charter Template as a guide. At an absolute msinimum, you should include clear headers and sub-headers. You may also want to call out certain elements, like timelines or key milestones, using graphics, tables, or colors to make the charter visually appealing and easy to read.

Below is the notes and corrections from the profossor

Good afternoon, Vanessa,
Thank you so much for talking with me today. You will see your Part A, the Part C template, sample Part C, and SOAR information enclosed. Let’s recap the conversation.

  • For the potential projects, you shared:
    • Reducing errors (Rolled %C&A was 52%)
    • Minimizing delays
  • You chose reducing errors as your six sigma project, because reducing errors minimizes staff from doing the same thing the wrong way twice. The justification is that errors consume resources and use overtime.
  • Your problem statement is exactly what you listed in the Part A/Assignment 1 Current State Overview with Challenges.
  • Your goal statement was to improve the rolled %C&A from 52% to 85% within 8 months. Now this goal is SMART!
  • What is in scope is addressing errors and training. What is out of scope is hiring and retention.
  • For CTQ, you focused on rolled %C&A, which is a measure of quality, and the metric you want to be at is 85%.
  • The operational benefits include: reduction in rework and errors. The financial benefits include: reduction in overtime and resources.
  • For DMAIC milestones, you had each phase at 1.5 months (i.e., Define 1.5 months, Measure 1.5 months, etc..

Great work! You have 15 days to resubmit, which means you can resubmit your Part C on 12/30 for a 50% grade reduction. The date you set for yourself is 12/23 for Part C. If you are able to complete your initial post for DQ10, I will grade that too.


Approximately 250 words