I need an argumentative literaly analysis essay


  1. Read and take notes on chapters 7, 8, and 9 of the novel.

 Use what you’ve learned about “wallowing in complexity,” writing a “surprise reversal thesis statement,” and “supporting a thesis with points” to write a practice literary analysis about the novel so far.

In at least 400 words, you will write an argumentative literary analysis essay on a theme, concept, symbol, or character the you find significant so far. In your analysis you will include:

  • an introduction with a surprise reversal thesis statement
  • at least three supporting paragraphs.

The body paragraphs must have topic sentences that make a claim in support of your thesis, develop an argument about the claim, include a short quote (quote should not be longer than 3 lines) from the novel, and make sure you analyze the quote. Include transitions between paragraphs.  

No conclusion needed. I just want to see that you know how to argue and support your argument


Approximately 250 words