Information systems, simple task, ive done most of it. due in 3

Create an infographic using an infographic maker, such as Piktochart, Venngage, or Canva, displaying an organization chart showing the following: The job titles provided in your summary and how they fit in with the existing cybersecurity team A list of the industry certifications the new IDS rollout-and-support-function employees should have or can work toward. HERE ARE THE JOB TITLES . THE INFORGRAPHIC SHOULD RESSEMBLE THE IMAGE BELOW.


, the security analyst officer will be in charge of supervising the nine employees under him. He will foresee that the IDS installation is successful and that the right procedure has been followed to install it. . Their job will be to install the IDS and check it regularly 

 the second additional employee will be the crypt analyst, he/she will analyze the data generated by the IDS. 

The third employee is chief information security officer, he will ensure that company generated data is well set and secured. 

The fourth employee is the security architect, he will have the job of designing security systems.

the other employees who will come under these in the image are 


a) IT manager

b) Systems administrator

c) System supervisor

d) System Maintenance officer


Approximately 250 words