Law case coursework | Law homework help

1000 words

case : O’Neill v Phillips [1999] BCC 600

statute :Section994

1.why the case is the leading case, why it is iconic 2. (key point)In which aspects the case enhance the interpretation of the Section 994;3.shortcoming(There is no need to explain the background and facts of the case, tutor hope us to explain why choose the case, how it interpretates Section 994, the analysis is very important )

Structure(no introduction, no conclusion)

part 1 why choose this case (how the case interpretate the Section 994)

part 2 shortcoming

Tips: you could refer to other case to support the argument(1 sentences maximum ), but must focus on O’Neill v Phillips [1999] BCC 600

 Materials are restricted to class materials and no other materials may be retrieved .


Approximately 250 words