Literature review assignment | Management homework help


Learning objectives assessed: 

CLO1Understand what contemporary management issues and challenges are in modern organisationsCLO2Apply relevant theories to critically examine contemporary management issues and formulate effective solutions to these issuesCLO3Effectively communicate concepts and arguments learned in contemporary management in a logical, coherent and engaging manner

Assignment task:

This assignment takes you deeper into how you deconstruct literature readings.

For this assignment, you are asked to analyse and de-construct the following three articles:

1. Yang, I., Seung, J., & Hong, D. (2020). The Indirect Effects of Ethical Leadership and High Performance Work System on Task Performance through Creativity. Journal of Asian Sociology, 49 (3), 351-370 . pdf filePreview the documentPermalink: (Links to an external site.)employeeYi2018-1.pdfPreview the document2. Li, Y., Wang, M., Van Jaarsveld, D., Lee, G., & Ma, D. (2018). From employee-experienced high-involvement work system to innovation: an emgerence-based human resource management framework. Academy of Management Journal, 61(5), 2000-2019. pdf flie Preview the document (Links to an external site.)3.Field, J. C., & Chan, X. W. (2018). Contemporary knowledge workers and the boundaryless work–life interface: Implications for the human resource management of the knowledge workforceFrontiers in Psychology9, 2414. pdf filePreview the document doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2018.02414 


Approximately 250 words