Lp2 mg6200 assignment/ mt6255 lp2.1, lp2.2

LP2 Assignment LP2 Assignment: Sales Dialogue and Customer Value This assignment will assess Competency 2: Analyze marketplace dynamics impacting sales and marketing efforts. Directions For this assignment, refer to the case you read about on p. 14 of SELL4: Nimblefoot is a manufacturer of women’s running shoes that are sold through major sporting goods chain stores and specialty stores. Nimblefoot has targeted Trailrunner, a regional specialty store chain, as a potential prospect for its latest product. Nimblefoot’s sales representative, Bradly Jackson, hopes to replace a competitor’s product in the Trailrunner stores. Bradley has begun planning his upcoming sales call on Susan Holloway, head buyer at Trailrunner. At a recent trade show, Bradley had a brief conversation with Susan and learned that Trailrunner’s management is interest in improving the profitability of the chain. Further, Susan made it clear that Trailrunner would only be interested in high-quality products. In 500 – 600 words, answer the following questions: 1.If you were Ashley Zamora, what specific comments and questions would you have for Bradley Jackson? 2.Should a customer value proposition be developed before gathering the information in Exhibit A? Why or why not? 3.What role do marketplace dynamics play in your analysis of this scenario?


LP2 Assignment


LP2.1 Assignment: Planning

This assignment will assess competency 1: DEVELOP planning for organizational performance


Complete LP2.1: Planning. Use the NAU library for your research on this assignment. 

In this assignment, you will address one of two scenarios. As you address one of the scenarios, support your answers with research from scholarly sources (using APA citation). Make sure you think about your audience. Choose the appropriate tone and approach for them. Consider factors such as their profession, education, level of experience, biases, etc. These all factor into how they need you to communicate with them.

  1. You are teaching a management class at a local community college. Anne is a sophomore who is also a successful business owner. She enrolled in your class to improve her management skills. She sends you an email asking about planning. Specifically, she asks about the role of planning in managing an organization.  Include in your response to her:


  • a discussion on strategic, operational, and business unit plans and how they relate to planning for an organization. 
  • at least one example of a generic change model (this will be taken from scholarly journal articles) with an example or scenario to show how it works
  • a discussion on organizational change and the role that planning plays in the process of change
  • at least three strategies for overcoming resistance to change
  1. Jane, a middle manager in another department of your firm, is having trouble getting her staff to use adopt a new vacation request policy. She graduated from a top notch business school and isn’t used to not getting her way. You can tell she is swallowing her pride by coming to you. Send her an email which includes:


  • a discussion and evaluation of at least two generic change models (these are taken from scholarly journal articles) that might be used to address the change she wants to implement
  • a sample plan of how each model might be used
  • at least three strategies for overcoming resistance to change within her department

Use at least three scholarly or professional sources in the scenario you select.  Do not use the textbook as a primary source.  Write with your audience in mind and use your critical thinking skills. Your citation must be in APA. Double space your submission. Each scenario should be 500-700 words. 


LP2.2 Assignment: Outline

In LP5, you will be analyzing a case study. Read the case study and assignment instructions this week. CREATE an outline for that paper. This is a good opportunity to get feedback on that paper before you start writing it, because if there are problems with the outline, there will probably be issues with your paper. Your outline should cover the entire paper. In addition, it should:

  • Include your thesis statement (sometimes called a “problem statement”)
  • Have at least 3 levels 
  • Utilize descriptive phrases or full sentences. In other words, your instructor should be able to understand where you are going with your paper from just the outline.

Click here for an example outline. Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox LP2.2 Assignment: Outline

This assignment is worth 50 points and will be graded according to the LP2.2 Assignment: Outline rubric.


Approximately 250 words