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This post should be in RESPONSE TO THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS and must be 150 words.




1. Explain the basics of customer relationship management (CRM).


2. What is the purpose of CRM?  What do companies gain from it?


3. What do CONSUMERS gain from it?


4. What are some potential disadvantages to the customer?




Read the Chapter 7 Case: Real Choices at Subaru


Answer each question in 200 words.


  1. Summarize the case and identify the dilemma facing Subaru.

  2. Identify and discuss the market segmentation approaches you believe are most relevant for Subaru. Why are these important to the marketing strategy for Subaru’s product offerings?

  3. Identify and discuss the top three target markets for Subaru. Select the BEST target marketing strategy Subaru should implement and discuss. 

  4. As Marketing Manager for Subaru, respond to the following – “In what ways could CRM help Subaru conduct successful target marketing and positioning of their products?”




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Approximately 250 words