Module 05 lab 03 – equilibrium simulation


Instructions for Virtual Lab: Record all observations and take screenshots of your work.

Go to lab page:

  1. LeChatiler’s Principle
    1. Chemical Equilibrium Lab and Concept Test (take screen shots of answers)
  2. Common Ion Effect
    1. Solubility and Common Ion Effect (take screen shots of answers)
  3. 3 lab questions
    1. Based on the colors of the reactants and products, which do you think is in a higher concentration in the flask of 0.1M cobalt chloride?
    2. Describe what happens when you add concentrated HCl to the flask of cobalt chloride. Did you add a product or reactant when you added the HCl?
    3. Describe what happens when you add silver nitrate to the blue cobalt chloride solution. What does adding the silver nitrate do to the reaction?

Click on the words “Cobalt Lab” (on the right side just above Workbench 1), which will further explain the lab problem within this assignment.

The lab will center on:

  • Predicting the effect of removing Chloride Ions
  • Predicting the effect of adding HCl
  • Determining if the reaction is endothermic or exothermic
  • Determining the new K value at the new temperature
  • Common Ion Effect (test does not have to be taken)
  • Answering the 3 lab questions

Submit a zip file of all screenshots and answers for this lab activity.

For assistance taking a screenshot, refer to the following guide.

For assistance zipping files together, refer to the following guide.

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions link


Approximately 250 words