Proper soldering techniques and consider the potential effects of


This week we are exploring potential problems with electrical  circuits. One source of faults within electrical circuits stems from  improper soldering. Watch the video below to discover proper soldering  techniques.

Our  three basic steps for troubleshooting are analysis, planning, and  measuring (APM). One specific technique for troubleshooting is the  half-splitting method. What are some other techniques that can be  applied as part of an overall troubleshooting plan?

In your original post, answer the following:

  • Identify and explain one troubleshooting tip or technique.
  • Identify in which step (analysis, planning, measuring) the technique would be applied.
  • Not  every tip will apply to every situation. Explain a situation in which  your tip would be applicable (include personal examples if possible).
  • Identify one potential impact of poor soldering on a printed circuit board. How would you identify the fault? 


Approximately 250 words