Queer study reading notes | Sociology homework help

Your second journal of key terms is due on Dec. 14th . Five key terms from the second portion of our semester will be elaborated in your journal. You will define each term in your own words, and extend each definition in short written entries (400-600 words), offering a “mapping” or “genealogy” of each term, based on texts and discussion from our class, supplemented with your own knowledge and interest. What does this term mean, when/where does it emerge from, what is its relevance, how do authors from our course utilize it, what other terms is it related to, and what can it help you/us to explore? This assignment can be completed in a style of your choosing, but please write and rewrite, revisit, reedit, and perhaps put your pieces into conversation with one another, as well as with the texts. Do the research you choose, but don’t rely on or quote dictionary definitions or encyclopedia entries. You must utilize the work of at least one course text as part of your explanation of each key term. You should refer to the work of the following authors: Stryker, Dunham, Ellison, Cohen, Hobson, Gould, Meyer, and Edwards—as well as the historical documents on STAR, and the films Major! And United in Anger. While your portfolio can be created in a style that reads as formal or informal, artistic or analytic, it should clearly show the depth of your engagement with a course text in its entirety; don’t respond to just one quote—instead, show your engagement with a full work, or more than one text, if you choose to. For each entry, include least one quote from a course text to help with your key term; this quote should be selected carefully. Any quote should substantively bring the author’s voice into your work, and offer you the ability to more closely engage the author’s content and style. Quotes from the author should comprise no more than 10% of your total work—probably less. For those students who choose to create works in visual arts, media arts, performance, music, poetry, fiction, or any other creative format, you will still write short entries on each key term, but can additionally include your artistic work along with your entries. If you complete elaborate works of art for your journal, your writing may be shorter, but should still reach about 300 words (at least) for each entry, and should include brief quotes or direct references to texts. You should weave the entries together with your art, explaining the relationship between the creative works, and the key terms they address. If your art cannot be turned in online, I will meet with you to view it. Please ask me if you want to meet.

Please choose 5 key terms from the following list::

• Transgender history


• The Compton’s Cafeteria riot

• Stonewall
• Gran Fury


Approximately 250 words