Question 1 if budgets are to be effective, there must be

Question 1  

If budgets are to be effective, there must be


independent verification of budget goals. 

an organizational structure with clearly defined lines of authority and responsibility. 

excess plant capacity. 

a history of successful operations.


Question 2  

Young Co. has budgeted its activity for December according to the following information: 

1.Sales at $600,000, all for cash. 

2.Budgeted depreciation for December is $15,000. 

3.The cash balance at December 1 was $15,000. 

4.Selling and administrative expenses are budgeted at $60,000 for December and are paid for in cash. 

5.The planned merchandise inventory on December 31 and December 1 is $18,000. 

6.The invoice cost for merchandise purchases represents 75% of the sales price. All purchases are paid in cash.


How much are the budgeted cash disbursements for December?







Question 3  

The direct materials budget shows:

Desired ending direct materials48,000 pounds

Total materials required69,000 pounds

Direct materials purchases63,200 pounds


The total direct materials needed for production is


132,200 pounds. 

15,200 pounds.  

21,000 pounds. 

5,800 pounds


Question 4  

The formula for determining budgeted merchandise purchases is budgeted


cost of goods sold + beginning inventory – desired ending inventory. 

sales + beginning inventory – desired ending inventory. 

production + desired ending inventory – beginning inventory. 

cost of goods sold + desired ending inventory – beginning inventory.


Question 5  

Comma Co. makes and sells widgets. The company is in the process of preparing its selling and administrative expense budget for the month. The following budget data are available:


ItemVariable Cost Per Unit SoldMonthly Fixed Cost

Sales commissions$1          $10,000          



Executive salaries         $120,000          

Depreciation on office equipment            $4,000          

Other$2                           $6,000          


Expenses are paid in the month incurred. If the company has budgeted to sell 80,000 widgets in October, how much is the total budgeted selling and administrative expenses for October?







Question 6  

Bean Manufacturing reported the following information for 2013:


                                                  October                   November               December

          Budgeted purchases          $240,000                 $256,000               $288,000

• Operating expenses are: Salaries, $100,000; Depreciation, $40,000; Rent, $20,000; Utilities, $28,000 

• Operating expenses are paid during the month incurred. 

• Accounts payable is used only for inventory acquisitions. 


How much is the budgeted amount of cash to be paid for operating expenses in November?







Question 7  

Teller Co. is planning to sell 900 boxes of ceramic tile, with production estimated at 870 boxes during May. Each box of tile requires 44 pounds of clay mix and a quarter hour of direct labor. Clay mix costs $0.40 per pound and employees of the company are paid $12.00 per hour. Manufacturing overhead is applied at a rate of 110% of direct labor costs. Teller has 3,900 pounds of clay mix in beginning inventory and wants to have 4,500 pounds in ending inventory.


What is the total amount to be budgeted for manufacturing overhead for the month?







Question 8  

The following information was taken from Southgate Industry’s cash budget for the month of July:


          Beginning cash balance$480,000

          Cash receipts                 304,000

          Cash disbursements         544,000


If the company has a policy of maintaining a minimum end of the month cash balance of $400,000, the amount the company would have to borrow is







Question 9  

Which one of the following is not needed in preparing a production budget?


Budgeted raw materials 

Ending finished goods units 

Beginning finished goods units 

Budgeted unit sales


Question 10  

Which one of the following items would never appear on a cash budget?


Office salaries expense 

Interest expense 

Depreciation expense 

Travel expense


Question 11  

Beginning cash balance plus total receipts


must equal total disbursements. 

is the excess of available cash over disbursements. 

equals ending cash balance. 

equals total available cash.


Question 12  

Hyde Corp.’s cash budget showed total available cash less cash disbursements. What does this amount equal?


The excess of available cash over cash disbursements 

The amount of financing required 

Ending cash balance 

Total cash receipts


Question 13  

If a company has adopted continuous budgeting, the budget will show plans for


at least five years. 

every day. 

the current year and the next year. 

a full year ahead.


Question 14  

Doe Manufacturing plans to sell 6,000 purple lawn chairs during May, 5,700 in June, and 6,000 during July. The company keeps 15% of the next month’s sales as ending inventory. How many units should Doe produce during June?




Not enough information to determine. 



Question 15  

The financial budgets include the


budgeted balance sheet and the budgeted income statement. 

cash budget and the budgeted balance sheet. 

cash budget and the production budget. 

cash budget and the selling and administrative expense budget.



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