Religion | Reading homework help

This a religion homework which I have to read the documents and answer the questions. So it is pretty simple for the requirements. All you have to do is to find the answers from the documents that I uploaded for you, then answer the questions below. There is no need to write it in an essay format.  Ad for the first question about the summary. please do well for this one, there will be a big amount portions of grade for this question. Please write a great summary about what have you learnt from reading the document. Here are the questions

– The Quran document in English is a summary of the history of the Koran: Read the document and write a summary telling what you have learnt 

– The two other documents are about Judaism. Like the previous religions, read first Smith and make a list of the important information you have. Then complete with the document on Judaism. Pay particularly attention to: the period, the historical context, the important events of the period, the founder, his life, his deeds, his disciples, his writings, his death, and what happened after his death, and how his thoughts were carry out till now. What important events happened in the history of Judaism? 


Approximately 250 words