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Response Paper Prompt #3

Meditating on Gender/Sexuality and Identity

Identity Questions to Consider:
• How have you learned the gender roles you perform?
• How is your gender identity a complicated performance of self?

Response Paper:
Of the selections on gender and sexuality that we read for this section, select two essays to which to respond. Describe the main points of the essays, what you found interesting about the essays, and how they’re connected to each other and the main theme of the course. To whatever extent you can fold in answers to the above identity questions is welcome (you can write two pages in this case). If you use any quotations or citations, please use MLA format for your references.

• One- to two-pages, single spaced
• 12-pt. font
• Typed and printed
• MLA format

Read the materials uploaded and answer the above questions. Please finish within 28 hours.


Approximately 250 words