Semi-structured interview | psychology | Touro University California

Choose one of the scenarios below where you are asked to conduct a psychological assessment or testing of an individual:

1. a) Job candidate who plans to take the role of a bank manager

2. b) Person being considered as a member of the Federal Bureau

of Investigation

3. c) Child being tested for cognitive and learning delays in a

school setting

4. d) 21 year old being examined for depression and anxiety


For your Signature assignment, should include the following components:

1. a) Identify at least 3 standardized psychological tests (from the list of psychological tests that would be appropriate for the situation you had chosen ()

2. b) Provide 3-4 of semi-structured interview questions you plan to ask to supplement your standardized psychological tests. 

3. c) Describe the validity and reliability of the semi-structured interviews questions you plan to ask as part of your

 psychological assessment 

4. d) Describe the ethical and social concerns of your planned

psychological assessment 


Approximately 250 words