Uber case study-analysis | Marketing homework help

Please Answer these 2 Questions from the attached Case Study-Uber.

1)  Uber is notoriously aggressive in its business tactics. It frequently operates without getting regulatory approval and it often ignores legal concerns; consequently, the company has become a lightning rod for criticism. Should Uber be taking more of a “tiptoe” approach when it enters new markets?(1 page is enough)

2)  In its relative short life span, Uber has attracted a lot of media attention. Why is this? What is it about the Uber business model that is both compelling and polarizing? In addition, why has Uber managed to achieve such a high valuation? What are the pros and cons of a high valuation? ( 1 page is enough)

Notes: Please Create one word doc for both questions and highlight these 2 question-answers in PPT also(Main Points highlight in PPT)


Approximately 250 words