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1.As an individual, I approve the SNAP and TANF programs as a positive affirmation of society’s functionality. There is already a documented critical mass of individuals in society, and their needs are well known to the social worker body. Therefore, these interventions are essential. Social work is driven by the need to sustain institutions and initiatives benevolent to at-risk demographics in society. Our country’s economy is structured in such a way that it forms an open market. Therefore, the expectation is that for a person to be functional in these environments, they ought to be able to pay for the goods, services, and amenities that facilitate a decent quality of life. But then there are instances where this is not possible. Socio-economic vulnerabilities necessitate welfare programs. The inspiration behind these welfare efforts is to enable every American to enjoy the freedoms that the Constitution and the culture of public institutions provide.

The ethics of care demand that every act or omission gains validation from the effects on those who experience it. As a social worker working in a utilitarian country, one’s primary duty is to help others to avoid pain and achieve pleasure. Programs like SNAP and TANF help to provide nutrition to socio-economically vulnerable children. Well-nourished children are happy children compared to those suffering from malnutrition. Furthermore, children are the future of society, hence the need to ensure that they grow up strong and healthy enough to participate effectively in society. That essentially avoids pain while concurrently pleasuring a vulnerable demographic. Similarly, it aligns with the Christian duty to feed the homeless and the hungry. During the coronavirus pandemic, welfare programs such as these were essential to the survival of at-risk children and families (Farkas & Romaniuk, 2020).


2.When working in human services it is a fine line walking between religious policy and your own beliefs. Since “the united states was founded on the principle that religion and government should not be intermingled (Segal,E. A 2016). Which makes it hard for a religious organization to support programs like SNAP and TANF as their end goal is to help support people when they are in crisis. Since SNAP and TANF are government programs and have separation of church and state. As someone with a strong Christian faith and the drive to help people, it’s a fine line to walk because you do not want to intermix politics with helping a client who is on one of those programs. As a Christian, there are other ways you can support a client whether it be hosting a food drive and having clients come to pick up food or clothes. Donate to a religious organization that will give back to the community. My views have remained the same with working with this population of people. If they need help you are going to use your local resources and find them the best help. It does not matter if a client is using SNAP or TANF you can still support that client with their needs. 

Segal, E. A. (2016). Empowerment Series: Social Welfare Policy and Social Programs (4th ed.)


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