Vegas shooter | Criminal homework help

After you finish reading the article you are to write a critique. You are to submit a critique of the article in the submission box and must use a minimum of 300 words per question regarding the topic and article listed below. Do not just use one sentence (use sentences) to explain or answer each question/component. Make sure you cite references and textbook pages for information used to answer these questions.

1. Who was the shooter?     (characteristics of age, race, gender, etc.) 

2. What was his motive(s)? 

3. Describe the details of the event and the investigation (weapons, actions, damage, arrest, which agency held the investigation and arrest, etc). 

4. How was this case solved? 

5. What is the overall case summary? 

6. Provide an update on the case; any resources, preventions made, etc.  

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Approximately 250 words