Visual summary | American history homework help


Chapter 9: A Republic in Transition, 1800-1819

Chapter 10: Jacksonian Democracy, 1820-1840

Directions: students will create a presentation that covers the decades from 1800-1840.  This is a smaller version of the Project you will complete for the class and gives you a chance to practice.  

1. Use PowerPoint to create the presentation.

2. There will be one slide per decade and you can choose the event or topic you would like to focus on.

3. Each slide will contain one visual item (picture or a graph), a caption, and the source of information.

4. The caption will be one to two sentences and explain why this event presented in a visual format is significant to U.S. History.

5. You can use either MLA or APA citation format; you are citing the visual source.

6. You need to create a Title Slide with student’s name and course information.

7. There will be a total of five (5) slides.

8. You should add color and features to the presentation to make it more stimulating.


Approximately 250 words