Week 2 written assignment – organizational behavior

Answer the following questions in a 3-4 page (not counting cover page and references), APA formatted document. Apply critical thinking skills when answering the questions.


  1. Identify the various ways that employees expressed their job dissatisfaction on the LINK650.
  2. Shaun O’Neill’s commitment to the LINK organization dwindled over his two years of employment. Discuss the factors that affected his organizational commitment.
  3. If you were hired as a consultant to help address the issues on LINK650, what would you recommend? 


As we move into our second week, we will begin to examine the individual’s “self-concept,” or sometimes described as how we perceive ourselves.  Understanding this concept is a fundamental skill for managers. How we evaluate ourselves will have a direct impact on the environment. Self-concept has several fundamental key components. Learning these concepts will be fundamental to appreciating the interlink between the individual and the organization.

One thing to remember when dealing with self concept, or any issue within organizations, perception is reality! This concept will be explored in the context of the individual (ourselves). How we take environmental stimuli and transform into information will be the premise of our thoughts and beliefs.  We will also look at bias due to specific perceptions. This will include why individuals tend to apply stereotyping to thought processes and understanding of the environment.

Another important concept we will cover is how emotions are drivers to performance and communication.  While we have observed and experienced emotions, this week we will begin our study of emotions, attitudes and behaviors within the context of OB.  We will also look at how to use this knowledge to create a positive work environment.




After completing the activities in this week, the learner will be able to: 

  • Describe the impact of stereotyping and stereo typing in a work setting.
  • Study job satisfaction characteristics. Determine how various drivers, positive and negative, affect performance.
  • Classify the drivers and impact of stress in the workplace.


Approximately 250 words