Week 3 discussion | English homework help

 Week 3 Discussion: Introductions with Peer ReviewDiscussion Weight: 5%
Learning Objectives: 1, 3, 5
Review the Week 3 Discussion Rubric hereMAIN POSTFirst, complete the following reading:The Norton Field Guide

For this discussion, review the resources above, then compose two Introductions for your Researched Argumentative Essay. The introductions should demonstrate different approaches, using different words and phrasing. Only the thesis statement will remain similar. Then, in a third paragraph, share your thoughts about which introduction you are most likely to use and why.A few reminders:

  • Paragraph 1 will  be your first possible introduction.
  • Paragraph 2 will be your second possible introduction.
  • Paragraph 3 will be your commentary on both introductions.
  • Write only in 3rd person point of view (No direct address – “You would be shocked at the waste of edible foods!”).
  • Do not announce the topic (Example: This paper will discuss the importance of donkey farming to nomad societies in Northern Africa; In this essay, or, In this essay, I will…).

PEER REPLIES (2)Respond to two peers’ main posts with replies of 150 -200 words each by answering each of the following questions.

  1. What two approaches of introductions were used? 
  2. Which of the introductions is more effective? Why?
  3. Does the introduction provide enough information about the topic and direction of the essay?
  4. Is the position the writer is taking clear?
  5. Is the thesis statement complete, clear, and well-composed?
  6. What do you like most about the introduction?
  7. Offer a suggestion to make the introduction stronger.

Be sure to take a moment to check into your own thread. Reply to your instructor and some peers who offer insights into your writing.REQUIREMENTS

  • If you use a source in your introduction, such as for a statistic, you should cite it and reference the material.
  • You must create your own thread first before you will be able to see others’ threads.
  • You are encouraged to submit your initial post (minimum 2 paragraphs, 250+ words) by Wednesday at 11:59 PM Eastern.
  • You must reply to at least two peers’ main threads. In addition to replying to two peers’ threads, to earn full credit, you should also respond to comments within your thread.
  • You must participate on three separate days to earn full credit.


Approximately 250 words